Monday, April 17, 2006

October is warmer than April
© Jago


Chloe said...

where do you live Jago? this is like Hobbit land. It's so beautiful.
(the question was rhetorical.)

Jago said...

Chloe, that's such a complex question - I mean in the sense that your postal address is not very meaningful to most people, and where you live - I'm not trying to sound like John Berger here - is not just co-ordinates at the leading edge of space-time. Obviously. Photographs - I'm not trying to sound like Susan Sontag either - become one dimension of where you live, like I had almost forgotten that our garden would look like that (like we own half of la France profonde, when it's actually fairly small) again in two months' time. I know your question was rhetorical, but it would be fun to try and answer it nonetheless.