Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I suggested to S (11, and at a loose end) that he made an animated film. He looked at me a little blankly; "what do you mean?" I gave him a camera and a tripod. I went to cook the supper. J gave him the blu-tack. By the time the meal was ready he had completed his first oeuvre. You saw it here.


Bliss said...

Speilberg should be trembling :-)
That's a very good way to move a child's creativity.

Bliss said...

I meant Spielberg :S

Pedro Terán said...

Or maybe Spellberg :p

Very nice video!

How's that arm going?

Jago said...

Ah, the wit!
Arm is doing well, plaster off in nine days.
I love your photos, particularly Moondance and Pedro's bent bows/décolleté of the horizon across the wavy reeds.

Pedro Terán said...

Thanks, I improve little by little, my lack of visual memory being a serious restraint. The new camera makes things simpler, though, and I hope things will be faster now.

I love hers, too.

Bliss said...

I am flattered, thanks!! :-)